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Battery Plus – Allegation Boost

Penulis : Mohamed Abdo on Monday, January 30, 2017 | 1:50 PM

Battery Plus is a array extenuative app that helps you extend standby time,reduce charging time,clean arrangement clutter ,cool down cpu temperature. With Array Plus, it’s no allegation to anguish about charging if you are not convenient.Also, every time and everywhere you can apperceive if your array is answerable abundant to play a game, a movie, or to browse the web.
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Main features
> Array saving
Battery Plus accurately detects and aliment array clarification problems by charwoman ability burning apps.Also,Battery Plus understands botheration abstracts and optimizes your accessory comprehensively.Just one_tap saving,no anguish about array problems any more.
> Array Monitor
Battery Plus monitors array temperature, array usage,and debris stand-by time to get a bright account of accepted array status.You can kown your array cachet calmly and clearly.
> Allegation Boost
Battery Plus uses altered charging phase, monitors and completes advantageous array allegation and ensure array stays in its best action all the time.Intelligent allegation date will advice you abate charging time.
> Intellgent array saving
Battery Plus has abounding means to save array activity intelligently. Automatically about-face save approach a part of array value,time and charing status.What’s more,Battery Plus can abutting wifi or adaptable abstracts if awning off which advice you extend array life.
Battery Plus is a absolutely chargeless power-saving app that is accurately advised to optimize the standby time of your Android device.
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What’s New
1.Added charwoman anamnesis clutter affection to addition your phone!

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