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GO Task Manager EX free download 2013

Penulis : Mohamed Abdo on Monday, March 25, 2013 | 12:05 AM

#Over 5 Million Users Choice# Monitor and kill apps. Clean rubbish and speed up phone. Manage apps auto start. Powerful and easy to use, GO Task Manager EX is the must-have tool to guard your phone and ensure a smooth and fast operation experience.
★ Popular Features
- one-click to kill general process, resident process, and system process
- clear cache, Apk rubbish to release memory
- check the healthy state of your phone and provide auto or manual optimization tips
- set auto clear app list, clear condition (when screen off) or clear frequency
- set white list of the apps you don’t want to kill when you click kill apps
- monitor the high risk apps which have access to your contacts, message, and network permission
- move apps to SDcard
- widgets with 1*1, 4*1, ( 4*2 only available for GO Widget)
- support notification bar
- low memory warning alert
- detailed info about your phone hardware
★ More advanced features with the PRO Version:
- advanced kill most background running process
- advanced kill to prevent apps auto start in the background ( need ROOT )
- clear system rubbish, including residual file, thumbnail picture, log file, invalid file and blank catalog
- forbid app boot to speed up phone launching speed ( need ROOT )
- monitor 2G/3G and wifi traffic daily and monthly to your phone and specific apps
- control the specific app access to mobile data or wifi network
- delicate themes designed only for Pro Version
- automatically notify you when an app can be moved to SDcard
- automatically detect residual file when uninstalling an app
★ What, exactly, is rooting?
▪ Root is like a status of your Android Phone and can do core operations on the device.
▪ From simple things like clearing the cache from core applications, to more advanced things like wirelessly tethering a laptop or iPod touch through your phone, root can do it.
Download GO TaskManager EX cannot root your phone, you need to use some tools or ask your IT friends for help ^-^
★ How to add Widgets of GO Task Manager EX onto your home screen?
Press Menu> Choose ‘Add’> Choose ‘Widget’ or ‘GO Widget’> Select the widget and the size you want
☀ Note
Purchase PRO Version by Google Play
1. Why I paid by Google Play but still cannot use PRO Version?
▪ You might access the paid process but Google could cancel the order and will not deduct your money.
If you are not sure, you can send your payment ID, name & payment email to us to check the payment status.
▪ Make sure you have signed Google account (the same as your payment ID). This is the unique way to identify the PRO Version users.
▪ Make sure your network is connected. Google need to identify your account☺
2. After the update, My PRO Version is gone and become general version?
If you haven’t use PRO Version for a while, you might need to react your payment status.
▪ Click the advertisement and link to Google market, it will feedback ’You already own this item’
▪ If still not react your PRO Version, reinstall the app and do the same things to get your PRO Version react☺
Free to download PRO Version by Getjar
▪ After the update, My PRO Version is gone and becomes general version?
You can click to the advertisement, link to Getjar then you can get your PRO Version react☺
▪ We are always listening and work hard for our users! Please encourage us by recommending GO TaskManager to your friends, Thanks!
▪ When meet issues, please firstly let us know. Just click ‘Menu’ – ‘Feedback’
We are constantly improving GO Task Manager EX. If you like it, please do recommend it to your friends. Your support is always appreciated.

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