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Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.2 / 19.0b1 Beta / 20.0a2 Earlybird Free Download 2013

Penulis : Mohamed Abdo on Friday, March 29, 2013 | 10:10 PM

Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.2 / 19.0b1 Beta / 20.0a2
 Earlybird Free Download 2013

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source and cross-platform mail client and news reader for most modern operating systems including, but not limited to Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
It offers some advantages over other mail clients, including junk mail classification. Built from Mozilla code, Mozilla Thunderbird uses Gecko, the most standards-compliant rendering engine in existence.
In addition to the feature set found in Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird has several new features and improvements to make your mail and new experience better.
Note: You must delete your old Mozilla Thunderbird directory rather than just overwriting the files there. Not doing so WILL result in problems and you should not file any bugs on Mozilla Thunderbird unless you’ve first done a clean install.

Here are some key features of “Mozilla Thunderbird”:
Full-Featured Email:
· Simple to use, powerful, and customizable, Thunderbird is a full-featured email application. Thunderbird supports IMAP and POP mail protocols, as well as HTML mail formatting. Easily import your existing email accounts and messages. Built-in RSS capabilities, powerful quick search, spell check as you type, global inbox, deleting attachments and advanced message filtering round out Thunderbird’s modern feature set.
Junk Mail Filters:
· Each email you receive passes through Thunderbird’s leading-edge junk mail filters. Each time you mark messages as spam, Thunderbird improves its filtering so you can spend more time reading the mail that matters. Thunderbird will also use your mail provider’s spam filters to keep junk mail out of your inbox.
Anti-Phishing Protection:
· Thunderbird protects you from increasingly common email scams “also known as “phishing” which try to fool you into handing over your passwords and other personal information. Thunderbird will tell you when it thinks a message might be a scam.
Advanced Security:
· Thunderbird provides enterprise and government grade security features including S/MIME, digital signing, message encryption, support for certificates and security devices. Attachments are never run without your express permission, protecting you from many worms and viruses.
Automatic Updates:
· The new Software Update feature makes it easy to get the latest security and feature updates to Thunderbird. Thunderbird automatically downloads these small updates in the background and prompts you when they are ready to be installed.
Customize Thunderbird:
· Select new button controls for your toolbars, install extensions to add new features, or change the look of your browser with themes the way Thunderbird looks and works is under your control.
· Pentium 233 MHz (Recommended: Pentium 500MHz or greater)
· Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP: 786 MB RAM (Recommended: 1GB RAM or greater)
· Windows 2000: 256 MB RAM (Recommended: 512 MB RAM or greater)
· 52 MB hard drive space
What’s New in This Release:
What’s new:
· FIXED: Pressing the ‘x’ button on Windows now closes only one window rather than the whole application (805185)
· FIXED: An issue that caused occasional corruption in local folders after filtering is now fixed (815012)
· FIXED: An issue that caused deletion of drafts saved in IMAP folders whilst in offline mode is now fixed (805626)
Security fixes:
· MFSA 2013-20 Mis-issued TURKTRUST certificates
· MFSA 2013-19 Use-after-free in Javascript Proxy objects
· MFSA 2013-18 Use-after-free in Vibrate
· MFSA 2013-17 Use-after-free in ListenerManager
· MFSA 2013-16 Use-after-free in serializeToStream
· MFSA 2013-15 Privilege escalation through plugin objects
· MFSA 2013-14 Chrome Object Wrapper (COW) bypass through changing prototype
· MFSA 2013-13 Memory corruption in XBL with XML bindings containing SVG
· MFSA 2013-12 Buffer overflow in Javascript string concatenation
· MFSA 2013-11 Address space layout leaked in XBL objects
· MFSA 2013-10 Event manipulation in plugin handler to bypass s…
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