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Nature’s magic HD wallpapers free download 2013

Penulis : Mohamed Abdo on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 | 1:15 AM

Nature’s magic HD wallpapers

A collection of high-quality, hand-confiscation of nature images.
More than 100 stunning high-resolution images to your desktop android devices that
application makes it unnecessary actions to choose and install on your phone.
- Only HD
- Only the best, bright images
Original, high quality, convenient!
Comment, it will allow us to improve the app for you!
Most people who have become zhervtvoy overworked, life and daily routine, dull routine, run to the bosom of nature. Usually it is a family outing, fishing, and just relaxing in the company of family and friends. The nature of the background of your desktop will have on you relaxing effect, stumulyatsiey this will be your memories of outdoor recreation, good humor, fun conversations, adventures, etc.
Theme of nature in art in the most fully revealed in the Age of Romanticism. In art, nature often endowed human characteristics, aspirations and will. Nature acts as irrational, instinctive began opposing the human spirit. Nature is also interpreted as the source, the original state of the world, so sometimes it is considered that it is characterized by purity and virginity. Tired of civilization man seeks solace in the lap of nature. In the XX century the theme of nature, avenging the man in the form of natural disasters. Contemporary neo-paganism is largely a cult of nature. The variety and complexity of natural phenomena and structures suggest her wisdom and ability to be a teacher for the people.
Uncritical transfer anthropomorphization nature of art in the scientific and academic texts makes them an element of mysticism, replacing references explanation of phenomena at will and mind Prirody.Priroda – the material world of the universe, in fact – the main object of study of the natural sciences. In everyday life the word “nature” in the sense often upotreblyaetsya habitat (all that is not created by man). Law of nature – the order which governs all of the observed phenomena of nature, communication between processes or phenomena in nature.
The laws of nature do not depend on the rules and laws created by mankind.
The law of nature – it’s just been a steady a sample in which the sequence of ratios of natural objects, the law is only opisaniem.Priroda like any other organic medium is in constant evolution and movement. The main feature of nature – it is cyclical, a succession of the seasons, which wake up the process slow down gradually replaced, the phase of growth and development in the phase of sleep and slow processes. The seasons of nature year round call times of the year – spring, summer, autumn, winter. The seasons of nature, physical phenomena like the changing seasons, attracted not only by the scientific community, but also inspired a lot of art and culture – poets, writers, artists and musicians. That is the nature of the seasons devoted many poems, prose, theme mood changes and appearance of nature revealed in the artistic and musical images of human perception of the strength and beauty of nature.
Wildlife – is the material world, the totality of organisms, which is divided into five large kingdoms: animal (this is the realm of men as well), plants, fungi, viruses and bacteria. The main attribute is the appearance of genetic mutations and changes in replication.
Opposite – the inanimate nature, all the cases that have energy, but do not have the genetic code. It also includes non-living nature gas, plasma – this is only one of the states of matter.
These pictures are high resolution (HD Wallpapers) look great on android devices with any screen resolution (480×854, 960×540, 1280×720, 480×800, 1280×800, 480×320)

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