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Tajjer free download 2013

Penulis : Mohamed Abdo on Monday, March 25, 2013 | 3:56 PM

Tajjer is an online shopping and social network that draws‬‬ together many shops, where it contains all products and‬‬ ‫‪promotions in different catalogs and categories that are available ‬‬now in market in one unique shopping app‬‬.
It provides shoppers with the best shopping experience ever, where all shopping behaviors are covered in just one smart shopping app! Tajjer facilitates search, shopping, buying and communicating between vendors, manufacturers and shoppers through call center/hotline, website, smart phones shopping application, and smart TVs as well. Vendors can advertise for their products and promotions dynamically and shoppers are therefore capable of making well-informed, well-rounded shopping decisions.
Tajjer shopping app allows shoppers to manipulate several shopping lists simultaneously and define several shopping delivery points for their orders. Tajjer has an engaging and interactive shopping interface, giving users the chance to make an impact and influence each other’s shopping decisions and allow comparison between different products and promotions within users’ region. Tajjer shopping app helps you to choose your desired product with the lowest prices you can ever get within your shopping region.
Tajjer shopping app will always like to hear from you about any new idea that can be innovative to enhance our shopping behaviors, shopping products, shopping features or shopping delivery process that would be an added-value to Tajjer Shopping app.

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