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Penulis : Mohamed Abdo on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 | 4:42 AM

Operation 7 is a fast paced first person shooter (FPS) with modern age weapons. Players start with basic gear and must prove themselves on the battlefield to earn higher ranks and money with which to purchase more powerful guns and equipment.
Operation7 is different from other FPS games. 1. Most realistic FPS game. – One shot one kill, Available to use more than 90 weapons which were from real world ,Breathe holding to hunt your enemy, weight effect , Players can tilt their body each side left and right. 2. Build your own weapon. – Forget about using same weapons like others. It`s extremely important to have a strong weapon to terminate your enemy. You are able to modify your own weapons with more than 540 parts for all guns. 3. Some individuals are more attractive than others are. – There are no twins in Operation 7. Everyone is different. Make your own avatar with many uniforms and wears. 4. Have you been the maps? – OP7 has 22 different maps where players can battle. 20 of these maps are designed based on real world locations. These maps are different in that some require different guns such as, sniping, close quarters, and melee.
Publisher: NETGAME
Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Game Size:
790 MB
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